Región natural Barranco Real de Telde

Región natural
Barranco Real de Telde
27°59’41.6″N 15°25’28.3″W

The Barranco Real de Telde valley runs at the northern side of the city of Telde. In the center of this valley, the water runs through a channel along the mountain wall. Here is also a washing place where women used to do their laundry. It is a versatile environment with on the right-hand side leading a path between the mountain walls. Here are several cave entrances and a lot of wild growth of flowers, plants and trees against the rough rock walls. On the left, the path leads under viaducts and aqueducts. Above the valley are several houses and the sugar factory Azucarera de San Juan. Ahead is a colorful area with a lot of graffiti and a tunnel where you can climb the walls. Through the path on the right lead the valley to San Juan, the old town of Telde.

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